ECE Maps/Floor Plans
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ECE House Floor Plans
Click on the links below to see a street view and floor plan for each model:
ECE Phase Maps
Use the links below to display a detailed map for each development phase.  Each map includes both street and alley names as well as lot numbers.    Major street names in each phase are noted below each link.
Lyons, Charles, Timothy, Jeffrey, Pamela, Kent
Phase 2                                                                       
Cherelyn, Kevin, Karen, Amanda
Charles, Casey, Janet, Sullivan                                    
Charles, Madeline, Bradley                                                  
Casey, Tracey
North end of Lyons
Dustin, Hillary, Sullivan
Dustin, Hillary, Bob's Way
Dustin, Hillary, Sullivan
Dustin, Hillary, Nicholas
Michael, Leo, Pierce, Dustin
Casey, Sullivan, Maribel