Emergency Contacts:
  • Dial 9-1-1 to reach all town and county emergency response services. 
  • Smell gas? Call 410-822-611
  • For detailed information, click on    Fire   Medical Emergency+     Police 

    +Click here for Emergency Information Form. EMT's can be prepared to help you more quickly if you fill out this form and store your medical information in a freezer pack for easy access in a medical emergency.

Government: Town of Easton
Easton Town Council Members
 Pictured from Left:  
 Councilman (1st Ward) Al Silverstein,
 Councilman (2nd Ward) Don Abbatiello,
 Council President John Ford,
 Mayor Robert C. Willey,
 Councilman (3rd Ward+) Ron Engle,
 Councilwoman 4th Ward) Megan Cook
 +Easton Club East lies within Easton's 3rd Ward. You may contact our Councilman, Ron Engle, at  rengle@EastonMD.gov
To access the town website and links to records and  departments, click here or call 410-822-2525
Code Enforcement
Easton Utilities  (gas and water for all; electricity and other services for some) 
Public works (including trash and recycling pickup schedules) 
Snow and Ice Response (applies to ECE streets; the Association clears alleys because they are important to us but are the town's lowest priority.)  
Government: Talbot County 
Talbot County Council Members 
 Pictured from Left: 
 Chuck Callahan (Vice President)                                                               
 Frank Divilio,
 Corey Pack (President)
 Pete Lesher
 Laura Price
Patient Information Freezer Pack form.
Talbot County Resident Emergency Information Form

Mid-Shore Resources and Places of Interest
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